My sound of silenceĀ 


(Inspired by The sound of silence)

  By Wei Len Pang

Hello darkness my old friend…  I’ve come to talk with me again.

Seeing television news my heart’s weeping.  Who planted these seeds while I was still sleeping?  The bloody visions that was planted in my brain still remains… within the sound of silence.

Restless souls, you won’t walk alone…  go borrow love and forgive those with a heart of stone!

Managing first world nonsense, my wasteful rant…  Broken sleep, seeing those calling in the cold and damp.  My eyes, my blind eyes, stabbed by my “save cash” fight… You bleach my soul! go away you worthless goal!

We are all naked in this world of 10,000 peeping eyes… maybe more…  People talking without speaking (the vow)…  People hearing without listening (the now)… People write but forget the text they always share…  

Yet no one dares to worship the universal sound of silence.. Here fortune foils and mock what people do not know, staging survival continues like a cancers grow.

Hear my words but I have nothing to teach you.  Take my arms and I might reach you.  And if my silent words stay like silent raindrops fall, they will echo to the souls lost in violence.

And the people still bow and pray to the newspaper gods that they have made.  Yet there are signs and signs of warnings… The truth of the world still forming unforming.

It is said the words of the prophet are written in our own wonderwall.

… All in this world we are just whispers in the sounds of silence






Umbrella day

Where’d you go, integrity and righteousness… I don’t know?
Were you caught in bureaucracy, politics… were you just laying low?
Could you be traded for everyday living… could you be sold?
Could you… the undisputed… become bait? A wicked game of old.

In my town, everything is domesticated by red capitalist gold.
The streets I walk filled with shops that I don’t go.
Apartments for sale mortgaging your soul till 689 years old.
Grocery shopping monopolised but claim “prices are guaranteed low”.

Greed, control, deceit… today’s special served three in a row.
Can the media be trusted or is it CCTVB staged reality show?
Costing the present! Costing the future! The latest family row,
Yellow against yellow, a unfolding tragedy show.

Everyday people walking to work row by row!
Stuck in traffic worrying about their everyday dough!
Revolution turned devolution, saviours turned foe!
In the end, is this Animal Farm story being retold?

Without integrity, democracy is anarchy!
Without integrity, governance is tyranny!
Without integrity, righteousness is mockery!

May our HK children go home safe & wiser! Where hearts are broken, may integrity persevere to carry them through life.

May our law enforcers go home safe with dignity! Where confusion is rife, may they reacquaint the purpose that they know.

by Pang Wei Len